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Herald home delivery - things you should know

The New Zealand Herald and Herald on Sunday are published by APN New Zealand Ltd, 46 Albert Street, Po Box 32, Auckland (APNNZ).

By agreeing to have the New Zealand Herald and/or Herald on Sunday delivered to you, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Subscriptions to the New Zealand Herald and/or the Herald on Sunday renew automatically. We will continue to deliver the Herald and/or Herald on Sunday after the expiry of your subscription period and you will be charged for all papers you receive until you notify us to stop delivery.
  • You agree to pay your account by the due date shown on your invoice/statement. If you dispute any content of your invoice/statement you will need to inform us within 21 days of the date of the invoice/statement. The undisputed part of the account is still payable by the due date. If you do not pay your account by the due date you may be liable for all costs of recovery and collection fees and we may refer your account to a third party collection agency.
  • You agree to provide, or be provided with, an adequately sized and weatherproof letterbox or paper receptacle with visible street address numbers and letters. If you do not have an appropriate box, we will not offer re-deliveries or credits for missed, damaged, or wet papers.
  • The personal information APN New Zealand Ltd collects and holds about you will be used for administration purposes such as billing and delivery, and to contact you from time–to–time with information about other APN products and services including contact from other companies within the APN News & Media Limited group of companies. You are entitled to have access to, and request correction of, your personal information by writing to APNNZ at the above address, or calling 0800 100 888.
  • Any “free days” or “free weeks” received by you as part of your subscription period will be applied as a discount across your entire subscription period.
  • Account credits do not apply on any promotional subscriptions (e.g. free trials, gift subscriptions etc.) Extensions to the subscription period will be applied for any missed or damaged papers or any holiday stops.
  • You may be invoiced for days that The New Zealand Herald or Herald on Sunday are not published (e.g. Good Friday and Christmas Day), days when newspapers are not distributed due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. in some cases of rural delivery) and when a Holiday Stop has been put in place. In such instances we will apply the credit for these papers to your next subscription payment period.
  • APNNZ reserves the right to amend prices or withdraw offers at any time. For ‘paid in-advance’ customers, price changes will take effect on renewal.
  • APNNZ reserves the right to these terms and conditions from time–to–time.

Terms and conditions effective from 11 June 2012


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