Group Digital Subscriptions

NZ Herald offers Premium Content digital subscriptions to companies, government, educational and other organisations, starting from a minimum of 6+ users per company/organization with centralized billing via invoice.

Although we don’t yet have IP or domain name based solutions, we offer Group Subscriptions to keep staff of your organisation informed.

Benefits of a Premium Group Subscription:

  • Access to Premium Content from NZ Herald
  • A selection of first-class content from leading global publishers
  • Daily news and businesses newsletters straight to their inbox
  • Dedicated customer service making it easy to set up users and manage the account
  • Centralized billing (billed annually, or monthly for groups from 25+ users)
  • Special prices scalable for large groups

This provides access to Premium Content anytime, from anywhere on desktop, smartphone and tablets.

Please note: The Corporate/Group subscriptions is only available for greater than 5 (five) subscriptions. Subscriptions for less than 5 users, can be bought and managed individually using the subscriber link here (payment made online with a credit card).

For pricing, please complete the form below and we will be in contact within 2 working days.

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